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Real simple and easy to follow rules:
If you're not sure of something, ask first.

- As of 17/09/07 we don't allow our sites names to be used when buying keywords on major search engines.
- Don't advertise other programs using our content.
- Do not remove the URL from our content.
- No Unsolicited E-Mails, Spamming, etc
- Don't promise anything to the surfers that we don't advertise.
- No Warez, MP3, Tripod, Geocities, AOL or ILLEGAL sites allowed.
- No sites that promote or link to violence, hate, rape, bestiality, underaged models or other illegal/unethical content.
- Don't advertise illegal material that may infer we have such material.
- No Email, ICQ, Newsgroup, AOL instant message or chatroom spamming whatsoever.
- You may not create a new account referring yourself.
- We check all incoming referring URLs, if you're cheating, we'll find out.
- If we catch you cheating, don't expect a cheque, you won't get one.
- We may cancel this program at any time for any reason, all $'s owed up to that point will be paid in full.

If you're not sure of something, ask, we're here to help you make more $$.

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