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How soon can I start promoting Suburban Cash?
Just as long as it takes you to sign up and place links on your website. You will receive credit for every join that you send through your affiliate ID.

How much do I get paid?
You will receive a weekly check from CCBill for 50% of each subscription and renewal you have sent during each pay period as long as you have reached their minimum payment amount. By referring other webmasters to sign up with Suburban Cash you will also receive 5% of their sales.
You will also get credit for webmasters signing up to Suburban Cash via one of your links to a gallery or site tour. Referral Link Code Here

What methods can I use to generate traffic?
You can send traffic from any website that doesn't promote illegal activities. For example the best quality traffic tends to come from type-in domains, search engines and internal pages of paysites but we accept traffic from TGPs, blogs, link lists, picposts, free sites, AVS sites and exit consoles either by linking to our hosted content or directly linking to our tours. You're also welcome to purchase ads on search engines or banner/text links on other sites. Always try to target the traffic as much as possible.

Please Note:
As of 17/09/07 we don't allow our sites names to be used when buying keywords on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Eg. Just Danica, Suburban Amateurs, Suburban Sluts, SubAms.
We already have top listing on most search engines for our site names so buying those keywords is classed as stealing our traffic and not appreciated.

How much traffic do I need to send?
You may send whatever traffic you feel fit but remember, the more you send the more money you will make.

Can I promote your sites via e-mail?
Only if you have an opt-in list that you have built yourself. We DO NOT allow unsolicited e-mail.

Can I use your content to build AVS sites?
No. Our content is exclusive to our sites so we don't allow sites to be built that charge for access.

Do you provide free content?
We supply hosted photo and video galleries as well as hosted free sites. Once you have signed up these will be made available to you. Free content for you to host is available for making your own galleries, banners and ads at our discretion. Contact us for more details explaining what you'd like the content for.

Can I use my own content to promote your sites?
No. Surfers will often sign-up looking for more of the girl in your content and don't appreciate not finding any. We have more than enough content available to meet your promotional needs.

Can I cut or crop your photo content?
In some cicumstances by prior agreement but you must leave our site URLs visible on the content.

Please check if you are unsure about anything.

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